Friends and Stairs!

Streeetch!  Ah that was a lovely sleep!  This is so nice, curled up on mummies lap!  I could stay here all day!

What’s that?  There is someone coming through that door?  It’s a lady.  Mummy has picked me up and walking towards her.  Ah she seems nice.  Fido has beaten us to her.  He is sat down all excited and she is talking to him.  He seems to like her.

Ooh she has now seen me!  Cute pose Lola, cute pose!  Mummy is now talking to her.  She is telling her all about me.  Apparently, I am a surprise!  The lady is stroking me!  Mummy said the lady is going to look after me when she has to go back to work.  I don’t think she chases sheep either.

The lady is playing with Fido now.  They seem to be very good friends.  I hope we are going to be friends too.  I like her!

The lady is now going.  She said she will see me in a couple of weeks . I don’t know how long that is, but I can’t wait to see her again!

When the lady goes, mummy puts me back on the floor.  Now what to do?  I know, lets find Fido!  Now where is he?  He isn’t in the garden, he isn’t in the kitchen and no, he isn’t in the hall.  So where can he be?  All the doors are closed?  This is odd.   Perhaps the lady took him?  I don’t remember her taking him?  He must be here somewhere!

Oh look, there he is.  He is on the stairs!  Lets go and say hello.  Heave!  These steps are so big! I just need to get my back legs up.  Come on Lola, you can do it!  Phew, that is the first step.  Only another 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to reach him!  This is going to take some time!

Phew I’m here! Hang on Fido, no don’t go up any more, please!  I’m so tired!  Fido, wait for me, please! Phew, right off we go again!  Puff, pant, puff, pant! Phew, I’ve finally made it!  I think I’ll just have  a lie down!

I’m so tired.  Fido has come up to me.  I hope he is nice, I’m just too tired right now!  Oh, he is being really nice.  I think he knows I’m tired.  Maybe he isn’t such a bad big brother after all!


That didn’t last long! Fido where are you going now?  Oh no, please don’t go down again.  I’ve only just got here!  Fido, stop.  Fido!

Ok, I’ll just have a nap then I will go down again! Yaaawn!

Yaaawn, stretch.  Ok, time to go down.  Oh, how do I get down?  Oh, I so want a wee wee now! What do I do?  Those stairs look so big?  I can’t reach the next step.  Oh now, I’m going to fall.  I so need a wee!

Ah, that is better!  Much easier and warmer than going outside!

Now those stairs!

I don’t think I can get down.  Mummy, mummy, please help me.  Mummy, mummy, I’m stuck, where are you? Mummy.   Yey, I can see her.  She is coming to rescue me.  Fido is behind her.  I’m sure he is laughing at me!  I think he tricked me to come up here!

Mummy is picking me up.  Oh oh!  She has seen my puddle!  She said I’m a naughty Lola!  Why, what have I done?  She said I can’t wee on the carpet.  Well it does look a bit like the grass just a different colour, I don’t see what the problem is!

Here we go again, back in the garden. Does she not realise I’ve just been?  I can’t go again!  This is going to take a while!  I’ll just have a little walk and sniff to see if anything happens?  Lets see who gives in first! Yey, mummy has had enough!

I think I will just pop into my house for a bit and have a sleep. It has been a very tiring day!