The Adventures of Lola – My new home!

Yaaaawn.  I’m so tired.  I would have had my nap by now, but I’m too excited!  I’m going to my new home, with my new mummy and daddy!

I’m still curled up on my mummies lap. Daddy is driving the car.  I feel so cosy.  I can’t wait to see my new home.  Mummy has put a pink necklace on me.  It’s beautiful.  It even has a charm on it in the shape of a bone, in pink with my name on it! Lola!  I still like my new name!

Mummy is stroking me.  She says I am her little princess.  I like being a princess.

I’m looking out of the window.  It’s so dark.  All I can see are white lights coming towards me, then they disappear like magic.  I feel like we have been in the car for days.  Oh where is my new home.  I want to see it.

I look at mummy.  Are we there yet?  She gives me a little cuddle.  She says I look like a teddy bear!  Do I?  I don’t know, but I think if I do, that is a good thing!  Mummy seems to really like me!  Daddy keeps patting my head and whistling at me too!  I think he likes me too!

Mummy has now put another blanket around me.  It smells different to my other one.  It smells of something familiar, what is it?  Think Lola, think!  Oh no, it can’t be, can it?  It smells of BOYS!  Why would mummy put a blanket of a boy on me?  I’m her princess!

Oh where is my new house, I so need a pee.  I must not pee, I must not pee!

Daddy it talking now.  He says we will be there soon.  Yay!  Oh hang on a minute, what does he mean I’m soon going to meet my big brother!  Brother?  I didn’t know I was getting another brother!  Oh boy!

Are we there yet?  Please hurry, I need to pee!

Yey, mummy says we are here!  Where is it, where is it?  Oh look there is a big white building.  It looks huge.  This is so exciting.  I’m going to see my new home.

Mummy carries me again.  It’s so cold, I’m glad she has me wrapped in my blanket.  Daddy is opening the door.  This is it.  I’m finally going to see my new home!  Oh wow.  I can’t wait.  Don’t pee, don’t pee!

As the door opens I see it.  It’s big, with black and white fur, just like me!  That must be my brother!  Daddy calls him over.  He called him Fido, that must be his name.  It’s not as nice as my name!

Fido has a little sniff of me.  I need to look cute so he likes me.  I’m really not sure he does, but I’m so cute, he will!

The house is so big compared to my other home.  Wow, look at all this stuff too.  This is going to be fun.

Mummy says I need to go for a wee.  Yey.  Hang on a minute, what’s happening?  She is taking back out into the cold.  I don’t want to go out into the cold.  Why can’t I just pee here?  It’s warm in here?

Mummy takes me and puts me on some green soft stuff.  She said it’s called grass.  She says I have to wee on the grass!  This is so weird.  I don’t know if I can now.  She keeps saying ‘come of Lola, wee wee, busy busy’?  I’m really cold, can I go back in?

Mummy sits down.  It looks like I’m not going back into the warm very soon!  I so need a wee.  Ah, that is better!  Oh wow, mummy is clapping and telling me i’m a good girl.  I like this!  She is even giving me a nice treat.  Ooh, that is very yummy!

Yey, she is taking me back into the warm.

Mummy puts me down on the floor in a metal pen.  I don’t like this, I want her to pick me back up.   Please mummy, please!  She is talking to daddy now.  She says Fido needs to get used to me.  Get used to me.  Doesn’t he know how cute I am!

I’m looking around.  I don’t want to be in this pen.  I don’t like it in here.  If I act all cute, maybe mummy will pick me up again!

Hang on a minute, what is that?  Now that looks interesting!  Mummy is showing me this big brown  thing.  She says it is mine.  She said I am going to sleep in it.  It’s huge.  It’s almost the same size as my old pen I shared with my 10 brothers and sisters.  Mummy said it’s all mine, and that Fido isn’t allowed in it!  She puts it on the floor and puts me in it!

Oh wow, I have my own little house all to myself.  It has a roof and windows.  Ok, not real ones but I can see out of them!  This is my new house, inside a house.  How exciting.  Can today get any better!

I’m getting very tired now.  Yaaaaawn.  Mummy said I can have a sleep.  She puts my new blanket into my new house for me.  I think I’m going to be very happy here!

Night night mummy and daddy.